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– Play Cashflow 101 Online on Robert Kiyosaki’s home of Rich Dad Poor Dad
I created this Google Sheet linked below, which you are welcome to click File, Save to your own Google Drive and start playing the game in your real life!

Facebook group where we play Cashflow 101 once a month:

Watching this video on how to play cashflow 101 again, I didn’t explain the concept of what “Investing” and an “Asset” is very well.
According to our definition for this game (and what I follow in life):
1) An Asset is something that puts money in your pocket. (day-to-day)
2) A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. (day-to-day)
3) “Investing” is buying “Assets”
4) “Speculating” is buying something that you hope will go up in value. It is different to Investing.

Some examples to explain this:
– Your own house is a Liability. It takes money out of your pocket (day-to-day) Eg. Mortgage repayments, Interest, Rates, maintenance. It might go up in value over your lifetime, but the whole time it is taking money out of your pocket. You cannot live off your house until you sell it. It is a liability and a speculation. (You are hoping it goes up in value while you live in it)

– You can turn your house into an Asset by renting it out. If what you collect in rent is higher than what you are paying to hold the house. (This is called Positively Cashflowing) If what you collect in rent is less than what you are paying to hold the house, this house is a LIABILITY as it is taking money OUT of your pocket. (This type of house is called “negatively geared” and people do it in Australia for ‘tax breaks’ but after playing this game you will understand why it doesn’t make sense)

– Buying stocks that could go up is a speculation, they are only an asset if they pay dividends. This isn’t necessarily bad to buy speculations, as long as you realise they are not assets and don’t confuse the two.

– Your car is a liability. It takes money out of your pocket.

***HUGE TIP: You win the game by buying assets and selling liabilities. It’s that simple.
Why it is advantageous to play the game often is you can buy and sell in different order, and you can buy speculations (shares and houses to ‘flip’) to (hopefully) quickly get cash to buy assets. Practising different strategies in the game can save you lifetimes of trying different strategies in real life to learn. Sometimes strategies pay off, and sometimes they don’t. Playing them out in the game you get the same emotions and learn way faster than just reading them or thinking about them. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “How to play Cashflow 101 Online Game Walkthrough. Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki”

  1. i can buy property with only down payment..rest is my liability, which i never pay, in real its not possible,..i dont take loan,so it is not added to my expense

  2. I'm having a problem at the start the game. I open the game and don't appear nothing just the screen at the 11:34 at the video without the "Click Anywhere to continue" and the game don't start. Some help here, please!

  3. You have no idea how much this has helped me and my husband… we were so confused with the interest rate.. we thought we were supposed to pay interest on the mortgage amount 🙁 3 hours later and we haven't got anywhere haha

  4. Thanks for the spreadsheet. how do i add more lines to the various columns and how will it affect the calculations when i do? thanks in advance.

  5. I can't get the game to work on my laptop. There's no "Click anywhere to play" It's just frozen. And I need to pay this game for my economic class

  6. wow…. this is a really bad financial education game: credit card debt has one third the interest rate of a bank loan? you can flat out borrow the money to make a down payment on property? some condos have negative cash flows, some have positive, with no options to put them on the market outside of special events, or choose wether or not to rent them out? The stock market tells you in advance the trading range of all the stocks, and has min: max ratios of up to 1:6?

    I really don't get what the message is here. Anything where an experienced player starts out with "I never bother paying off credit card debt until the end" seems bizzare.

  7. Hello. I have two questions. For liabilities, I'm not sure if I understand it properly. When i collect my salary and with expenses deducted I have a balance. With each pay day, shouldn't my liabilities go down in increments?.. Also, regarding the bank, what is to stop a person from taking a huge loan at the start of the game?.. in real life, you won't get a loan from a financial institution if you have poor credit or a high DSR

  8. I just signed up the coaching program three days ago and your video helped me heaps to understand the game. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I just sent you a request to join the group. Look forward to learn more from you and everyone there 🙂

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