How To Play PUBG Mobile Using Controller/Game Pad *EASY Method* [No Root]

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►How To INCREASE FPS In PUBG Mobile – NO LAG – 60+ FPS

In this video I cover How you can Play PUBG Mobile Using a Controller or Game Pad. The Mod is very nice and easy in player unknown battlegrounds Mobile. Its a very nice and easy method to get chicken dinner in pubg. This method is very easy and it only takes a couple of minutes to increase fps in pubg mobile on your phone.And it is the latest and safest method to NCREASE FPS In PUBG Mobile on your phone in 2018.Everything is explained properly and slowly so you don’t miss out on any thing 🙂 ALSO Follow me on instagram my instagram id is (

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43 thoughts on “How To Play PUBG Mobile Using Controller/Game Pad *EASY Method* [No Root]”

  1. Fake fucking bullshit I did gamesir world app and octopus and I doesn't work wich I'm fucking mad because it doesn't work it's a fucking lie it says something about you need your account safety

  2. If you use a different username for pubg thru octopus than the main PUBG acct u use then you shouldnt be banned and still get the benefits from octopus to play with you controller. Hope it helps

  3. I knew he was full of BS from his review of the remote. He sounds like the advertisement you see on Amazon.

    I bet he is making some money from this somehow outside of YouTube.

  4. I've got two Gamesir G4s controllers. One died after 6 months of light use and won't turn on again even after resetting. The other has a problem with the shoulder button rubbing against the side and sticking. They are bad quality and don't last long. An xbox or ps4 controller will last a lot longer and is better quality.

  5. Lol my god just show how it is done we don't want you introduction and cameo 😂😂 we're not here for you.
    Pls understand how to run a "technical" channel

  6. Maa chudavo Gali Gali betti Chod ka Bacha behen ke Laure tum jantein honn yrr isse use karneh se banned honn jayenge phir kyun maa chudda dete honn bhai yeah sbb karke tuh bikhari se amir nehi bann jayega smjha gareebo ke sakal walein madar chod behen ke laure

  7. Im tired of losing ever since i accidentally broke my nail i can't play im gonna buy a controller. So thanks cause i didn't want to root my phone

  8. Gamesir controllers dont need this just download gamesir world from the gamesir website and buy the remappedr a2

  9. Could you please help me. I have a huge problem aiming with this console its very complicated and takes time so what i should do.

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