I Love Your Yoga Videos, But… | Subscribers Keep Leaving Our Channel?!

After noticing a pattern of change in our subscribers and people coming at us for posting and promoting subjects that are very dear to our hearts we wanted to make a quick response video and share our views and thoughts on this situation.

Thank you to our incredible community that continues to support us, lift us up, and enjoy our creative work. You guys are why we do what we do and for that we are eternally grateful for. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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23 thoughts on “I Love Your Yoga Videos, But… | Subscribers Keep Leaving Our Channel?!”

  1. We have been sitting here reading all these beautiful words for hours.
    This is all so beautiful… thank you guys for the overwhelming beautiful outpouring of positivity, light, and love. It truly fills us up. Words cannot express our hearts right now…
    We will never stop.
    Please, even if you go, keep shining too!
    Love and light to you all….
    Juliana & Mark ☮️❤️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

  2. Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a community whether it’s your family and friends or whether you have hundred million people following every your word on Twitter…
    That’s wholesome!

  3. at the end of the day, you're creatives. the pure act of creating should be ENOUGH… I think you have to recognize some people came here for "yoga" which (contrary to its authentic original meaning) is NOT so much about philosophy in 2019, it's about FITNESS.. As an actress, when digital cameras made it so anyone could be in front of a camera "making content" a part of me was torn. I think it's so great ANYONE and EVERYONE can make content but I also revere the fact that film making (real film MAKING) is an acquired thing you go to school for, whether it's a narrative film OR a documentary. So you have to ask yourself, what is your area of expertise? Because although I'm good at yoga, I would never make a yoga video (I don't practice daily, I'm more about nature etc)… and I think if you take a step back, recognize that your PRIVATE LIVES can STAY PRIVATE (which quite frankly, I see a lot of recurring themes with people, friends, fellow actors) on line about "needing to step back from social media"… it's OKAY not to share everything… and it's OKAY to recognize that if you want to make an important film about issues (like documentarians do) it should take you a LONG TIME… and requires a team to make it impactful. At the risk of saying don't be so narcissistic (and I also like to interject film, posy stuff with ISSUES such as environmentalism bc I am the daughter of marine biologists, have a minor degree in philosophy), we have ALL adopted this media to be a marketing platform… and we have all diluted the value of film making expertise because people come to watch for generally (I hate to admit) surface satistfaction. Whether it's a quick work out OR a dose of bikinis or whatever… it's incredibly hard to be an expert maker of everything…. *and truly, for your own sanity, I recommend keeping some privates PRIVATE… it's SO much more rewarding and it's a decision I made early on (my true love, my parents and my inner most musings are reserved for people I treasure and have earned the place in that circle) … if I want to make an issue documentary, I will do it the right way, respectful to the craft. I hope that sheds some light…

  4. Those people that take time of their day to send mean, thoughtless, and insensitive comments, just show you who they really are… unhappy and probably jealous and conflicted for not being able to handle what they watch. Your journey is powerful, moves and motivates people, but … others (haters) May not see like that and that’s on them. In reality, would you like to do business to someone like this? After years trying to change people’s lives with your passion to life and living right?

    Keep doing your thing!!! You guys are amazing.

    Luiz Lodino – São Paulo – San Francisco @luizlodinojr

    Hope to keep seeing your journey passages!

  5. Dont give op!! keep doing this amazing job that gives so much to every one. I have learnt so much from your yoga videos, and I know there is still so much to learn from you both, I am forever thankful. You guys are true love…

  6. Quality, not quantity. The people who stay (and the new ones who join) are the quality, those who left are the quantity. Social Media programs us for 'quantity', more 'likes' more 'comments' to find our self worth, rather than following your own passions to find your self worth, and that is what you are now doing (loved your Addiction video!).
    If I may go deeper, what people say about you is what they see in themselves, when you shine a bright light it can bring things to the surface to be cleared that people dont want to face and they blame you for bringing it to their awareness. But it has nothing to do with you, their anger is towards themselves for not having the strength to face it. Buddha said to a man 'If you give me a gift and I refuse to accept it, who does the gift belong to then? The man answered 'Me'. If someone insults you, and you dont accept it, the energy is returned to the sender. Comments are the gifts, choose the ones you accept….and the ones you dont, they belong to the giver.
    For your own personal growth, remember your outer world is a reflection of your inner beliefs, if you have a subconscious belief that needs transforming, your outer world will reflect something to make you aware of it, so stop worrying about the content of your videos, record with love and passion and no fear of what the reaction will be. Transform that worry into love, then only love will be reflected back to you.
    Your Yoga videos are amazing, and your diary videos add a new dimension to the yoga, a realism to integrate and love all life and not exclude it. You are brave and you are beautiful. LOVE

  7. I'm a grandfather and have just started yoga. I practice every morning with you guys, it is inspiring. Your diaries are wonderful, keep talking about things that matter, that are positive, so in our tiny ways we can make a change. Please don't stop. Thank you for helping me.😁

  8. Good for you guys for being true to yourselves! Your authenticity and your journey is one of the reasons why I connect with you and stay subscribed. Changing yourself just to grow your business will lead to emptiness and regret.

  9. Your authenticity and growth shows through your beautiful, kind, loving souls. I love your channel, and your vulnerability. I wish we were friends in real life. Big hugs!!

  10. I love your videos.There are hundreds of plain yoga videos out there, but I love your compassion.The video about the dying dog was very moving.Don't change

  11. I've only just subscribed, not sure how I came across you but glad I did. Some people may not be ready for what you share, they are scared of anything that stirs their hearts as they don't want to be challenged, etc. Good on you for sacrificing everything to be your authentic selves & show others there's more to life than the 4 walls of your house & a 9-5 job!!! Stay true ❤

  12. Ive just found your channel and subscribed. And found this video too. Ill be honest here and say I havent looked too deep into your channel yet. But I love your courage in going out, selling your possessions and finding the world, I admire you for that. And I love your honesty in this vid, and in general. So keep doing what you are doing, live your life the way you want to. The subscribers to your channel will respect you for being who you both are. Kindest regards from New Zealand

  13. i love to hear about you guys also!! actually, i would love to hear about how you met, you both seems on such a deep connexion together. lots of love from qc 🙂

  14. Hallo Ihr beiden, mir wurde Euer Video nicht angezeigt, trotzdem denke ich, dass dieses Thema weiterhin relevant für Euch ist. Egal welche Resonanz Ihr erhaltet, es raus in die Welt und macht auf vieles aufmerksam. Das was Ihr tut ist einfach toll. Danke!

  15. Just so you know, I only watch your videos about your stories, vlogs, journeys, the "deep" stuff:D That is why I subscribes, not because your are a great yoga teacher but because of your love and compassionate lifestyle. Peace and Love.

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