I Made 8 People Who Hate Each Other Live Together – Small Sister
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ABOUT: Small Sister

Small Sister is a game about a contest: “living in a house with strangers”. The goal is to gain as many points as you can by interacting with other contestants and to be the winner at the end. You must gain enough points in order to avoid being on the last two place on the points table. Your interactions are limited, so think carefully and plan your strategy based on the skills you’ve chosen. The winner of the day gets the right to send one of the last two contestants. If you are willing to shape the community, your aim must be to win each day. As a reward for being the winner, you get a satisfaction of sending someone you don’t like.

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38 thoughts on “I Made 8 People Who Hate Each Other Live Together – Small Sister”

  1. William and Nancy are just trying to make orgy plans while everyone is just telling each other how much they hate each other

  2. me watching your videos when I’m supposed to be getting ready for the Christmas party
    Edit: So I was late for the party and my fam was mad.

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