Networking is really just a business type way of saying “building relationships”. In this video we’ll talk about networking daily both online and off. Plus, it’ll all be done in 5 minutes! That’s it! 5 minutes a day to build relationships!

On LinkedIn, scroll your home page for 2 minutes- like, comment and share.

Now text a few people. I love the tip from Jordan Harbinger to go to the bottom of your phone- text them.

These steps aren’t going to forge deep relationships by themselves, but they are great starting points to move into bigger conversations and deeper relationships down the road.

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One thought on “LinkedIn Tips: EASY ways to network both online and off!”

  1. Great video! I love networking videos as I'm new to all this. I'm in the middle of creating a Linkedin page, do you have any advice on connecting with people that you don't necessarily know personally or have never met in real life? Isn't it weird arranging to meet if there isn't a specific thing you need to discuss or meet about? Thanks

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