LinkedIn has all these awesome tools to make it easy to connect with one another, but they don’t really advertise them. So basically, if you’re the one who knows some barely featured LinkedIn tips, you’ll look like a genius. Today I want to show you two easy ways to connect with people in real life in real time that will also leave them impressed with your skills.

How to connect right there in person

How to connect with multiple people at once

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7 thoughts on “LinkedIn Tips: How to Look like a LinkedIn Genius IRL”

  1. OMG – I never knew about the QR code scan! I am often out and about and don’t have my card on me as I swapped over handbags of wallets . This is awesome !

  2. Love the tips! Thanks, Cass! Curious when you think it's better for someone to "FOLLOW" you/me than CONNECT. Thanks!

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