learn to create a great looking brochure in microsoft word 2010

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36 thoughts on “make a brochure from scratch in word 2010”

  1. When I create the columns only a small rectangular box appears not covering the whole page and in column six when I press enter horizontal lines appear each time I press enter and I can't seen to delete the lines. Any advice on this? Thanks

  2. help, my columns width is the same but the height is only one line, and when i press enter it seem to create more lines.

  3. Thanks for creating this create tutorial!!!!. I have created the brochure and wrote down everything you had mentioned step by step in the video and everything came out just like the brochure in the video. Keep up the good work and create more videos. It was extremely helpful for me. Also, I tried to set my settings on the screen so I can read the words that flash across the lower level of the screen while you talk. Unfortunately, I see you have set the feature on your video. Can you do it on your next videos? Thanks again.

  4. "Some margins are outside the printable area of the page. Try moving those margins inside the printable area." HELP PLEASE!

  5. It was very helpful, but now when I return to my word program to do my other normal documents, all of them have a border around it. I have tried everything to remove it? Help?

  6. Grateful thanks for this video which is so helpful and inspiring. I am nearing 80, and am just learning for giving vent to my creativity. So loving this.

  7. Thankyou so much for this tutorial. So clear, so presise. I'm feeling quite confident in my skills, considering I started out at a zero..thanks again!

  8. I want to say thank you for your great help if it was not for you i wouldn't understand how to do a Brochure. And the funny part is i have paid a lot of money for someone to teach me but never grasp the concept because the Teacher don't care if i learn it or not no matter how much i say i don't understand. Once again thanks very much

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