Time to grab us some new mobs in our 1.11 survival let’s play! Will we get trouble from these powerful magic creatures? Find out in today’s TTB!
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thanks to Zender and TPC Bonehound for the assistance!

All music used with permission from its creator.

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28 thoughts on “Minecraft wolf EXPERIMENT gone WRONG | TTB #20”

  1. once i did that aaaaaaaaaaandd i could not EVEN LEAVE THE AREA BC There where 100,00 Puppos, these are the following puppos that got squished: cookie, Twister, stormy, Dounut, ducky, lilly and blacklight. those puppos I listed where rare – leagdry, toke me like FOOOOOOOOOOREVER to find them, that was 1, etc etc etc 😛

  2. Logdotzip : *lands*
    Minecraft: wolf was squished too much
    wolf was squished too much
    wolf was squished too much x9999

  3. I liked and subscribed! Thank you sooo much for making good, kid-friendly content! I have a question, do they have ttb for minecraft bedrock?

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