Money Tree Plant: The plant that gives and gives!

A favorite and hardy plant, the pachira aquatica of the bonsai household –more commonly known as the Money Tree Plant–is becoming an increasingly popular nowadays. Identified as with’mysterious powers’, the money plant is supposed to bring good luck and great fortune! Consequently, its common name is your first of 10 astonishing money tree data know as Hieta garden.

Money Tree Plant: The plant which gives and gives!


A second truth about the money tree plant is its feng shui iconic symbols, whose imagery includes wood, metal, fire, water and earth.

While a native Central and South America swamp tree, the money plant was immediately adopted by Asian culture. This thirdfact further contains a symbolic incorporation with Chinese New Year parties.

Cash Trees are popular house plants used in feng shui.


Fourth, that the pachira aquatica generally sold now has a braided trunk. While it adds a exceptional quality as a braided money tree, it does not grow this way naturally. Rather, braiding is done by the majority of growers.

Fifth, that the money tree, while sold in small sizes could actually grow quite tall.

Braided Money Tree

Plant Care Extraordinaire

The sixth surprising fact gets to the heart of money tree plant care. As a hardy sapling, the money tree could have it is height shunted, at least in part through the braiding process. Another means is to ensure leaves are trimmed and pinched off.

Seventh, another money plant maintenance suggestion is to separate’braids’ and replant as’pups’ to generate a fresh sapling. Continue braiding original trunk thereby reducing overall height.

But how to care for a money tree is not restricted to trunk braids. The eighth fact gets us to light. The money tree plant loves it, specifically bright light, though not direct light. It can even tolerate low light. It is known to thrive under fluorescent lights also.It’s will be good if you can put them on the large pots and bring them usually for outdoor.

Water. Water. Water.

The last two surprising truth are about water. The ninthfact suggests at 50% humidity for your tree. Set the plant in a shallow saucer filled with rocks and water. The moisture creates a miniature ecosystem your funds plant will adore. The money tree can also be kept in the bathroom, or you can mist the leaves every day.

The tenth surprising fact is that although your money tree plant needs lots of humidity it needs proper drainage to reduce root saturation. Keep roots moist but not wet. Water every 7 to 10 days or whenever the top 3 inches of soil are dry to the touch.