how to fix There is Insufficient Memory or Disk Space. Word cannot display the requested font. Error for Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word Error 600
Microsoft Word Error 1712
“Something went wrong”
Office error code 0x80070005
Microsoft Word 2007: Error in UIRibbonCLS
Error code 3-4
Fix Live Mail Error 0x800CCC00, 0x800CCCD1, 0x800CCC0D, 0x800CCC0E, 0x800CCC18
Microsoft Office error code 0-1018 (0)
Error code 30015-1011 and 30015-4
error code 0-1011900
error code 267-23
error code 30175-12 (30)
error code 30016-2
error code 1-8
error code 30125 – 1011
error code 0-1012
error code 0-1011900
error code 216-13
error code 194
error code 30183-39
error code 30015 -6
error 30184 -4
error 30016-35
error 30169-22
error 30175-13
error 30015-1011 (3)
error 30094-1011
Error code 0-1037 (0)
error 30013-39


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25 thoughts on “MS Word How to Fix There is Insufficient Memory or Disk Space Error (Word 2003-2016)”

  1. Thank you so much, i was like crazy because my data can't open, altough the document is so importanf for my comprehension exam tomorrow, so thank you so much, it's so help me

  2. well i tried and didnt worked, but i found a way to fix it up. i didnt have the problem as i run Word. it happened to me when i opened a specefic file. if anyone have my problem he just need to download the font-pack he need and replace fonts within the fonts folder in windows

  3. These are good and all, but why not just run MS Office from the internet? If you have a OneDrive account your problem is solved, no 'fixin' required. In today's world you don't really need to download your own copy to a pc, I have MS 365 and no worries.

  4. When i was editing my files and went to the saving option, the save as option popped out, why did this happen when i just want to save it normally without having to create a new saved files

  5. Thank you! This worked!

    It prevented me from renaming my 'Normal' file (due to it being 'open' in Word, which was not the case), but clicking Repair in the Task Manager did the trick!

  6. Thank you so much. I have been looking for a fix for months and my local computer shop had no clue. The %appdata% fix did not work for me and I have seen that fix many times before but the change/repair to MS Office worked first time after re-booting. You must close MS Word if you have it open when you have started on the fix otherwise the configuration which takes place will stop and show errors until you close MS Word.

    Thanks again.

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