Mulan All songs HD
I do not take any credit nor any money ^^
Bring honor tu us all at 0:18
Reflection at 3:26
il make a man out of you at 5:52
A girl worth fighting for at 9:13


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22 thoughts on “Mulan All songs HD”

  1. Who else finds it a little anoying Mulan is is usually depicted in pictures/as kids toys wearing the dress and make up she sang about not being her true self. She should be in her warriors uniform. Also she is my favorite Disney princess even though she is not royalty

  2. This Song Brought me in tears one of Lea Salonga's Beautiful song and of course one of the beautiful song also, my kababayan here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 I'm so Proud of you Po Miss Lea Salonga

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