Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing you all of the new features.

01:01 Blur Gallery
11:32 Focus Mask
15:54 Content-Aware
21:30 Smart Objects
29:01 Layer Comps
35:30 Fonts Search and Typekit
41:51 Smart Guides
46:12 Adobe Generator
50:30 Create Color Look Up Tables
53:45 Workflow Enhancements

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21 thoughts on “Photoshop CC 2014 New Features”

  1. I haven't got 64bit Windows, only 32bit so I couldn't run CC 2014. The problem is, where on earth do I get older versions? I can't find them anywhere. I have version 7.0.1. 

  2. Amazing video! thank you so much! You've made a wonderfull job, sharing such a great expearence of yours with others is a real nobelty. Thanks again! 

  3. One thought about uninstalling the older versions  of Photoshop CC after installing Photoshop CC  2014 for Lightroom Users 

     the way that the installer works may cause issues

    If you use lightroom and you install Photoshop CC 2014 then uninstall the earlier PS CC version(s) you may find that Lightroom loses some or all it's links to Photoshop CC2014, (Edit in ..  Edit as Layers  Merge to HDR pro Etc)  

    If you know that you do not need the older versions it's best to remove these Before you install CC 2014 .

    If you do install PS CC 2014 and later decide to remove Photoshop CC and lose the LR links Uninstall  both Lightroom 5 CC & Photoshop CC 2014 and then Re-install PS 2014  then LR 5 CC  to reset the links 

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