Here we have the new ground breaking Pioneer XDJ R1 this is a full demo video of all of its features, if you require more info on the XDJ R1 please follow this link


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43 thoughts on “Pioneer XDJ R1 full demo review @ Phase One DJ Store”

  1. So I use this unit and I want to get two pioneer CDJ'S 1 eather side of the controller can I do that ? Because it's only a 2 channel mixer and surely you need 1 channel per cdj ?. So I'd like to know if I can add pioneer cdj's to the controller please let me know I'm a DJ so would be helpful.

  2. I need a big help from you.. The question is that,
    1) If I export the tracks from rekordbox in USB it's not getting read on xdj-r1? as it shows on any nexus players..
    And I'm not that big dj who can afford a laptop.. so plzz help me out that how to use exported tracks from rekordbox to USB on xdj-r1 and even which version I'll have to use…
    plzz it would be a glad if you guys help me out..
    Tysomch love from India ✌

  3. i got it today on amazon

  4. So whats the deal with the XDJ R1 now then?
    I cant find any recent reviews.
    I wana buy 1 but there are so many vids and write ups online of so many problems etc.
    If i was to part with my cash id like somthing thats not going to make me wana smash it up soon as i start mixing on it.
    Are people still getting problems with the latest firmware?

  5. Seems like this is the future of DJing. The only thing they did that took credit away from the whole unit is add a sync button. In my opinion they should be banned!

  6. Seems the camera man needs some camera training! Maybe grab a cheap off camera mic to get rid of those focus and zoom noises too. Thanks for the run through though!

  7. You are always just talking about iPad and iPhone. Does it work with a windows computer as well or with an Andriod phone?? Hope I'll getan answer 🙂

  8. is it truly 24 bit 96 khz? on the website it shows as a 41khz sample rate correct me if i'm wrong I just want to make sure before I purchase this.

  9. Ive heard from people that there is some sort of buffering problem when winding the track via the turntable , also that the beat looping system likes to count it wrong :S Have they corrected this?

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