The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is a new all-in-one DJ system that can be used in many different ways and using many different combinations of media for music playback. The Pioneer XDJ-R1 can function as a two-deck DJ controller that can work with almost any DJ software of your choice (comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE). The XDJ-R1 can also function as a true standalone two channel DJ mixer, it can playback audio files directly from on-board USB flash/hard drives, and it can even be used in conjunction with Rekordbox and Remotebox in order to wirelessly control most of the DJ functions using compatible iOS & Android Wi-Fi enabled devices that are running the Rekordbox Pioneer DJ library software. The XDJ-R1 goes even a step further than the XDJ-AERO we reviewed late last year by adding dual CD slots in the front of the XDJ-R1 to allow users to playback music from CD’s. All of these functions can be performed on each deck individually meaning the DJ has the choice of using the XDJ-R1 in hybrid mode to mix between different tracks in various different playback modes.

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43 thoughts on “Pioneer XDJ-R1 Wireless DJ System Video Review”

  1. I already use Rekordbox for a year with the DDJ RB. I want to have a cheap standalone system ready to use for my whole rekordbox library. Will it read all my tags and allow sorting after them?

  2. Very helpful fam, very. However, just one simple question – can you easily record mixes, or is it a bit complicated? I know the Aero is more compatible for recording w/a specific button for that, but I'd love to figure out how to easily record mixes using this XDJ-R1? My apologies if it was covered, I watched and really didn't see U covering that option.

  3. Downloaded the Rekordbox app but when I open it the message that comes up doesn't show the XDJ r1 as a device to link to? Only XDJ-RX, XDJ-AERO, CDJ and XDJ-1000. help?

  4. Great review man, of all the reviews I have seen on this unit, yours is the best. Looking to pic one of these up soon..

  5. Kareem is this unit still worth buying today if we just want a simple, budget CDJ+USB Flash drive music+RekordBox setup? (I hate carrying around a laptop!) Thanks!

  6. Hey Kareem, I just bought one of these and I'm not getting any sound from both the headphone and the sound output to speakers. I've updated to version 1.10 and also have organized my tracks via rekordbox. The cdj players recognize the tracks and play them instantly but the master channel gives off no sound. Helpless I resorted to virtual dj but there was still no sound coming from the unit just the laptop. Jog wheel works very poorly as do the effects on the cdj player panel. Could this be a faulty unit or did or am I missing something here? Please help! Many thanks!

  7. It is not a simple install. Only when you get educated on Rekordbox and get all your file (songs) analyze; do you finally get to business. Waiting for the new updated of Rekordbox. Serato does a lot of the work for you. Where Rekordbox forces you to work a little harder, but great results there after.

  8. Thank you Kareem. Very good rundown.
    Im playing on this in  a couple of days and just wanted to know how the rekordbox compatibility was. Got so much more out of this vid. Think Ill be playing abit with the sampler haha.

  9. Does this work with serato DJ yet, if not can someone tell me how to get mapping? I want to pick one up in the next few days.

  10. guys need some advice, should i pick this, a ddj sx or a traktor setup with a z2, x1 mk2 and f1? please give some advice thanks

  11. Hello, which keyboard do you recommend to creating music? I work in fl studio..and I need it to be like a Akai Mpk or something in the same range. What do you suggest?

  12. Hi Kareem, You mention that I can used this with any other Dj Software beside Virtual Dj….I try to find out in different sites about maping for Serato DJ   with no luck, if possible, will you  please send me a link.Thank You

  13. The Remotebox app on the Play store is not by Pioneer, I asked about it on the Pioneer DJ forums and the mods said no plans at this time for android.

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