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Have you ever wondered what GTA 5 missions would look like in GTA San Andreas? Today we explore this through an amazing GTA San Andreas DYOM mod that puts the first mission from GTA 5 in GTA San Andreas! Including GTA 5’s very own Michael and Franklin in GTA SA!


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32 thoughts on “Playing GTA 5 in GTA San Andreas”

  1. knows the gta v version right of the top of his head – he says – it's hard to beat LD cause he's always in front – he says – yea, even on my 2nd playthrough without speedrun strats I was in front of lamar all the way to the U.D. … that was about 3 years before this video …

  2. The most strange is if you have a skin mod like a character that's not a GTA character like an character from other games some of them are fine but the big issue for me is that they don't have there mouth moving because the modelers don't do it for example play CJ if the camera is close to his mouth it moves when talking. but if your playing a mod skin and close to his (or her) mouth and CJ voice sample is playing you'll see they don't move there mouth

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