Special thanks to Daniel Young and Paul Pratt for helping me with this. Check out this channel Paul is a part of.

They do video game reviews along with great short skits 🙂

Thanks guys!

Nguồn: https://aatapaatalu.net/

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34 thoughts on “Real Life Role Playing Game”

  1. wast there allready a law implemented which allows americans only do Roll-RE-Play ?
    i mean as u can see their imagine would never be enough for a middleage fantasy L.A.R.P. CONvention …

  2. Personally, I'm really impressed with this vid. It's funny, clever, & has a bunch of smart touches that not everyone would get unless they're a gamer, like "grinding", the "right-clicking", and the tea-bagging! That stuff cracked me up. Seriously guys, I'm stoked I watched this. It was all pretty darn well acted too. I came across this vid in my subscriptions. I think I somehow subscribed to you through some other channel or something. Not sure, but I'm glad I did! Rock on.

  3. @ZaitsevLand Yeah they're good, I've learnt a lot from his tutorials and considering I'm on a TV & Film course it's very useful stuff 🙂

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