In this video you can learn how can you remove all hyperlinks from your Microsoft Word document at once on your Mac


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46 thoughts on “Removing All Hyperlinks from Word at once on Mac”

  1. This method removes the hyperlinks from text, but this does not remove hyperlinks from images. Do you know if there's a way to remove all the hyperlinks from pasted images? Thanks!

  2. I'm looking for how to turn off hyperlinks from footnotes on word 2008 for Mac. I did try this just in case but it just converted my footnotes into Italics and the hyperlinks remained intact. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  4. Very helpful – do you know how to remove hyperlinks on images though? So i copy / paste multiple images from a web page into Word. I need to remove all hyperlinks from these at once. cmd 6 doesnt work it seems….

  5. OMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!!! This has save me so much time! I knew there was a way but could not figure it out for the life of me! Thank you!!!!

  6. GENIUS! You've just save me like a bajillion hours worth of strain. OK, maybe like a combined lifetime of several hours doing it via Old School. Thank you DSB Techies!

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