This was hands down one of my favorite experiences ever!! The cruise itself was fun and I just had a good time hanging with my hubby. ♥♥♥

Huy and I had the best time on Flamingo Cruises in Halong Bay! We highly recommend you use them if you ever want to take a similar trip in Halong Bay! We paid $200 for 2 people to spend 1 night on the boat with 4 meals and 4 activities included. The crew was kind, professional and entertaining. So much fun!

Here is their website:

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43 thoughts on “ROMANTIC HALONG BAY CRUISE | Day 5 | Vietnam Vlogs 2019”

  1. Nếu bạn nam có thể vừa nói chuyện với bạn nữ vừa phiên dịch thì kênh bạn sẽ tốt hơn nhiều như vây vừa phục vụ được cả người xem Việt nam cũng như người nước ngoại kênh rất nhiều lượt xem chúc bạn luôn thanh công

  2. mong bạn sẽ có phiên dịch tiếng việt ở dưới sẽ có nhiều người như mình thích xem bạn nhưng kém tiếng anh hihi 😂😂

  3. You are so cute,u came across to me as local; you have all personalities that a vietnamese girl normally have;plus you are more approachable and funnier,he is lucky to have you

  4. Hello ! Audrey I watching your video so nice and also U are skill I love it , in US we’re U leave, I came in US so long , I never go to visitor in VN , right now I leave in Washington/Virginia, how in ha long bay , beauty full

  5. Hey, welcome to Halong Bay 🙂 It's such an amazing and interesting video of Halong Bay experience! But next time I strongly recommend you visit Bai Tu Long Bay instead of visiting the center of Halong Bay – where thousand boats sailing everyday. Bai Tu Long Bay is so much more quiet and beautiful than the center of Halong Bay, while it’s still belonged to the UNESCO Heritage site. Hope to have a chance to host your stay in Halong Bay next time 😉

    You can visit our channel to enjoy more stunning videos of Bai Tu Long Bay's beauty. Thanks a lot 😀

  6. Very very beautiful scenery and tastefully dinner. It is worth it to be there. Next time I definely go to Ha Long bay. You guy look soo beautiful.

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