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25 thoughts on “RUNNING MAN TOP 10 FUNNY GAME”

  1. Ugh to all the people talking about missing Gary, DO YALL NOT KNOW that Gary cut off all the running man members? He changed his phone number secretly too! They were together for 7 years and he just dropped that relationship. I’m glad he’s living his life, but I will never forgive him for taking advantage of the running man members trust for him. I’m disappointed in him and I’d rather never have him come back. I love the new members!

  2. I shouldnt read the comments because its all about gary and it makes me cry that everybody misses him..I cant😢I hope someday gary would be back in the running man

  3. Somin and Se Chan doesn't deserve the hate. Yes, we all miss Kang Gary on the show. But the 2 new members are still worth watching for. If you really are a true fan of running man, you'd support them no matter what. It may have lost the charm with Kang Gary, but those two, Somin and Se Chan, gave a new one. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. why so much hate for se chan and so min? they have better chemistry with the other members rather than Lizzie and Jongki from the early days imho

  5. I still remember laughing so hard watching Ep. 304 (or 2.) when I first watched it but now I don't understand why I laughed so much.

  6. I just realize after being a fan for 5 years that everytime they were teamed up and there's a game in a pool (where the one who will fall in the pool will be eliminated and such), Gary is their member who's always in charge of the defense. He's like a wall or a shield for them or a tank

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