Todays review is about RUSH one of the newer additions to Viveport Infinity and one game I have always wanted to try out but never got around to buying myself. RUSH is all about wing-suit racing down steep mountains and enjoying the sense of speed and thrill it provides. I soon found myself hooked in its game-play and going for top times on its leader-boards. Be sure to check this one out!

If you rather read the review:

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3 thoughts on “RUSH | Review | The Ultimate Wingsuit Thrill Ride In Virtual Reality”

  1. So as a side note – This review was done using the Viveport Infinity service streamed to my Oculus Quest through ALVR, I figured it would be a good test of seeing how well it works as it requires last second movements and im happy to say it worked flawlessly. Also if you own a rift or rift s be sure to check out Viveport as they are currently offering 2 months free of their infinity service which also includes this game!

  2. Another great vid

    Only thing holding me back from getting this one is the fear that it'll make me sick. I think I've got as good of VR legs as I'll get, but I'm prone to motion sickness anyway so I'm not quite sure I would be able to handle this one.

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