Dota 2 S1.Lykos vs Arcanys 322 Match Fixing Throws
Commentary by Porcelain_Lily

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22 thoughts on “S1.Lykos vs Arcanys 322 Match Fixing Throws Dota 2”

  1. Someone in my game blamed me as a Lion support. (4.6k Average)

    He said all pinoys are bad. That's why we lost. OH? LOOK WHO'S TALKING, A GUY WHO PICKED TINY AS A SUPPORT. ./.

  2. I hate these cunts saying this isnt 322… just why the fuck did they fly the courier over the enemies like that and why the fuck would u morph into agility

  3. Мы с другом залили короч две арканы думали изи будет потом коеф начал рости а потом дошло до того что мы получаем 500 бачей мы обрадывались я увидел как росфармился морфлинг я думал изи хуй там и вещи не вернули ебаный вп гейм на других сайтах наверн вернули а тут не

  4. But the Agility morph is reasonable if you're not dumb enough to think why. If you got aegis you almost dead, why not morph full AGI and live back with full hp and full agi instead of strength.

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