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This is a Slither Hack Tutorial for 2019 on how to hack the online Slither.io game! New update for 2019!

The Mod Includes:

1) Includes: Invisible Hack
2) Includes: Skin Hack
3) Includes Speed Hack
4) Includes Length Hack
5) Includes Small Hack
6) God Mode
7) Collision Radius Multiplier
8) Visual Debugger
9) Respawn Hack
10) Server Transferring
11) IP Tracking
12) Lag Reduction
13) Save Zoom
14) Server Searching
15) New UI
16) Chrome Extension Functionality

Link as promised to hack:

Update v1.1 for this hack (Has God Mode!):

Hack v1.2 Video:

Hack v1.3:

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