Sonic has released Fried Oreos nationwide! In what is considered (by me) to be the release of the century, I see if the famous Fried Oreos live up to the hype!




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34 thoughts on “Sonic Fried Oreos Review!”

  1. Here's my new Podcast you can also hear the full 2 hour show where many other topics get discussed at happy listening!

  2. I've never seen better back tracking before in my life. Reviewbrah is god. Went from release of a generation to 5/10 probably wouldn't get again

  3. All you do is dunk oreo's in pancake batter and deep fry them. I used to buy them at the boardwalk all the time. It's just fair food. Honestly buying and eating them fresh or making them at home they will look & taste 100x better. Those look like giant chicken nuggets lol.

  4. Fried oreo cookies blow popeyes chicken sandwich out of the water?

    Idk ReportOfTheWeek, people aren't killing and bodyslamming each other across the United States over the fried oreo cookies. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. It’s so refreshing to see someone appear so genuine on the internet when every second we step closer into a false way of showing ourselves as a collective through our fear of being judged negatively but the originality is so Fucking hard to see these days you really have to dig and everyone’s eyes are judging and watching your every move it’s tough but it’s nice to detach and reminisce the days before social media.. being a teenager is so blinding

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