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» 00:39 Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup – 
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» 02:57 Healthiest Ever Granola – 
» 03:05 Our Hummus Collection – 
» 03:10 Roasted Cauliflower Lentil Curry – 
» 03:13 Bean & Oat Burgers – 
» 03:29 Pea & Basil Pesto Pasta – 
» 05:31 Falafel Wraps – 
» 05:39 Rainbow Sushi Rolls – 
» 06:22 Pinwheels: [recipe coming soon] 
» 06:52 Coconut Milk Oatmeal – 
» 07:33 Robin’s Gado Gado – 

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49 thoughts on “STAYING MOTIVATED TO EAT HEALTHY » + printable guide”

  1. Love youuuu. Thank you!
    Hope you have more video by vietnamese sub. Huhu i dont good at english but i verry verry love your video.

  2. Hi, I am a 68 year old grandma of 12. I love trying out your recipes on my grandchildren. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. You are a joy to watch.

  3. I really appreciate how you have this positive outlook on food, I used to get upset and spiral if I ate something I considered bad, but I don't really anymore more, I'm less of a perfectionist I guess and I'm nicer to myself. I also stopped equating my food choices with like my worth and stuff. So thank you very much I really enjoy your videos

  4. I recently found your channel and I have been loving your style. I am not vegan, but I am hoping to become more plant-based. I have some health issues and weight problems and my doctor told me to cut meat and dairy out of my diet.

    I love how you don't judge and have an open mind. Your whole approach, is awesome and I am so glad that I found your channel and will be using a lot of your recipes and taking your advice on nutrition. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making some unbelievable content!

  5. Hi I loved you home has lot of plants which are mostly green used for eating.. Could you please make a Video on how you have achieved it.. please inspire us like you always have been ☺️🎉

  6. You are my favorite channel, seriously. I love how motivated you are, you keep me positive. thank you so much for what you post

  7. So my obstacle is that I’m on the road a lot with my job. I really want to eat healthy, but that makes it difficult. What would you suggest?

  8. Like your many hundreds of followers I just love your vlogs! They are informative, beautiful to watch, peaceful and so generous! I learn a lot, even at 70. Millions of thanks to you for the precious gift!

  9. A main obstacle for me is the anxiety that comes with having fresh food in my fridge.. is sounds stupid but I'll be constantly planning how to use the ingredients, what I can do so anything will go bad… it ends up taking a lot of mental space and it becomes a problem when I have to focus on other tasks.

  10. Your thoughts on keeping a health journal and setting goals specific to my needs was everything I needed to hear! I have recently needed to adult myself more with my health choices due to medical reasons. I was weary to track my food because of pervious eating disordered habits and now I feel empowered to track my choices without fear of relapse. My future healthier self thanks you!

  11. You are such a beautiful and an amazing person! I only have compliments for you. Thank you so much for your ideas, wisdom, and inspiration! All love~

  12. Thank you for being so positive and motivating. Seriously, you are amazing and your content is genuine and that's so hard to come by these days. Thanks for focusing on body positivity and encouraging people to have a healthy relationship with food. I myself struggle with this and I always know your channel is a place I can come to to get healthy motivation and ideas, because your passion for health comes from a good place.

  13. The only reason how I loose motivation is because have to clean, do so many dishes and tidy up after prepare the meal…….
    does anyone have any suggestions for making this easier?😭😭😭
    (Ps. I rent a studio so there’s no dish washer)

  14. Ann : Thank you very much for the Czech subtitles, I really love this channel and I also want to learn Czech language, so what you did really help me a lot, thanks again 🙂

  15. You look beautiful, you talk beautifully, you look healthy, the food you show in the video also look so beautiful, beauty of food motivates me to stick to healthy food…

    Best part is the pdf. Thank you for such a beautiful motivational video. I have seen many many of your videos and it's for all of them

  16. I want to extend my gratitude for this amazing channel. I am so very impressed with these healthy and creative recipes. The knowledge that you're sharing in every episode is A1… and the aesthetic of this channel is unmatched. Bravo to Pick Up Limes👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  17. I love the creators of this channel! Just discovered you guys and hands down this video hits every mark and excuse that I've been making for myself as to why I am not eating healthy (ie. too expensive, no time, etc). Thank you for providing such an in depth pdf for us and showcasing our struggles in a way that allows us to realize it ourselves and to instead focus our time and energy on the positive changes we can bring into our own lives. By mentioning the problems and offering tons of solutions really allows us viewers to take the advice to heart. Love the thought, quality, and time everyone has put into making this video!

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