Haru visits Canada to spend the summer holidays in the woodland house of his strict, strong-willed mother, Haruko. There, she burdens him with the responsibility of caring for his younger adoptive brother – a wild and unruly little boy named Ren who trusts no-one and prefers to wander in the woods with Haruko’s dogs rather than associate other people. Haruko orders Haru to ‘civilize’ Ren. As the young man strives to teach Ren how to live in human society, their relationship gradually improves – so much so that Haru plans on taking his ‘little brother’ to Japan with him once he finds a job. Unfortunately, fate has a cruel habit of interfering with one’s plans.

Name : Super Lovers
Author : Abe Miyuki
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yaoi

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17 thoughts on “Super Lovers-Chapter 34 [Part 3]”

  1. I really want a season 3 of this show. Just saw it for the first time and got really hooked 🙂 Thanks for this video! Now I can read the Manga too 🙂

  2. Hi, sorry I dont mean to sound ungrateful, but would you consider posting the translated chapter in a non-video format?

    Thanks for translating 🙂

  3. After a long hiatus, I didn't have the motivation to get back into translating and editing videos. Now I know what creators really mean when they say " your support means a lot ". So thank you guys for your patience and support ❤️

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