I think Catalina is crazy and funny so i made a video about her best moments.I wish you enjoy.

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49 thoughts on “The Best Moments of Crazy and Funny Catalina GTA San Andreas”

  1. Catalina is just like yandere characters, with the diference that she is always crazy, violent and she left CJ by Claude lol

  2. The Catalina Love Language

    •"just business" = I love you!

    •"I no interested no more" = I long for you!

    •"I missed you" = ????

  3. “Leave the panic button or i’ll kill your children too!”
    “Eat my shiiiitt!”
    “I killed hundreds of pigs like you!”
    “That? That was just another day at the office!”
    Catalina is the funniest in the whole gta san andreas

  4. I had an ex like Catalina, a fiery Mexican girl who was super jealous and violent when she got angry. Let’s just say after breaking up her, I’m happy to be alive…..lmao

  5. the people on the comments hating on Catalina and the user who uploaded this video for hating Catalina need to chill XD

  6. 4:21 when your mom tells you not to go outside until the dishes are done or you'll be sorry; but, you sneak out any way and get caught

  7. I hope in the next gta game Catalina returns that would be awesome. And it would be even more awesome if shes a playable character.

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