THE SUNDERED MOON Comics by Dota 2


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11 thoughts on “THE SUNDERED MOON Comics Dota 2”

  1. Definitely a 3rd faction is coming in the future.

    Probably the first dota 2 original hero is going to be The Self.

  2. I love these comics. this just show that the war of the ancient is just a tournament to see who is stronger. and after that all of the heroes goes back to their daily adventures. or probably hang around in these taverns after a match.

  3. Hey will we have 6 more arcanas? like zet gave the same scroll to zeus and he has 6 more probably more arcanas for the heroes in the bar? dusa tusk bb axe drow kunkka brew meepo and slark?

  4. arc warden looks like korosensei from ansatsu kyoushitsu (assassination classroom) anime series

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