In this Vive VR video I will go over some of the changes that has happened to the Vive since it first came out. The 2019 Vive version has gotten some updates and it shows.

Link to Vive:


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35 thoughts on “The Vive In 2019 | Original Vive and 2019 Vive Comparison | Vive Review | Virtual Reality | Vive VR”

  1. I've always wanted these glasses but I can't afford those glasses and also my PC is too weak so I bought VR glasses for a smartphone, better than nothing xD…

  2. I got my vive just yesterday and I think its great. I have a friend with the oculus rift s and he wants the vive now. The only thing would be the controllers. I think the oculus controllers are much easier to use, but that may just be for certain games.

  3. Good content. But, I the background music is too loud for what you're going for. The tracks feel like they shift up and down in volume as well because of the synth.

  4. I just bought the vive, i was going to buy the Oculus rift s but the vive got a sale in my local tech store and was only 430€ (rift s is 479€ in my country)

  5. I know im late to the party but yea, as much as i want a vive that pricetag makes me leery especially with the pro versions, the cheaper brands and the new valve index coming out.

    Add to this the fact that VR is not really mainstream and may be one of those here today gone tomorrow techs like 3D T.Vs and again the price really makes me hesitate.

  6. Any recommendation for a virtual headset for racing or flight simming where I do not need to move around a room? Would the Vive still be best for that?

  7. Thank you for the nice video! Do you recommend buying it now, or shall I wait until the new Valve Index comes out, so the price maybe drops?

  8. This is not related to this video in particular but I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your tutorials, I've seen all your html,css and JavaScript videos in preparation for a coding bootcamp and I learned a lot. I'm also glad that you're making videos such as this one. Please keep being the awesome person you are. Hugs!

  9. Thanks for the support everyone 🙂 This is a non-tutorial video which is what I have looked forward to doing for quite a while. Trying something fresh on the channel to put it in another way.

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