The LG Gram impressed me with editing Canon C200 RAW footage. This Laptop is amazing for 4K Video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2019.

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26 thoughts on “This Laptop is AMAZING for 4K Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro!”

  1. The reason this laptop performs great is because of Intel Quicksync, in fact the good folks over at Hardware Cannucks made a video a year ago when Adobe first implemented it, definitely worth watching here: This technology has improved and with the latest update it's even WAY better. This is why people are ditching AMD and switching to Intel because Quicksync as Eber stated and I agree is "Wicked Fast" –

  2. Do you know much about FCPX and using the Canon C200 raw files? I've downloaded the latest software for the Canon raw editing, but am experiencing crash after crash on my 2012 imac with 32 gigs ram and 3.4 gighertz processor.

  3. Hey Armando, would you recommend this laptop or another one for editing 4k Youtube videos that are 5-10 minutes long? I won't be doing any crazy editing; just of me playing the piano in a room. Thanks!

  4. If I bought a laptop with a processor that has Intel quick sync but also a dedicated gpu. Would premiere still utilise quicksync?

  5. False promotion lol .. no dedicated gpu , 4 cores and best for editing videos .. Am I missing something or everyone is mad ?

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