Nick Kyrgios: Unpredictable. Unfiltered. Unbelievable! This tennis is just awesome 😍



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22 thoughts on “This Nick Kyrgios Highlight Reel is UNREAL 😮”

  1. So the ATP is still promoting a guy that tanks every 2nd tournament, leaving thousands of fans disappointed and hundreds of dollars out of pocket? No wonder the President got sacked by Djokovic.

  2. I admit it looks cool when these trick shots work, but when they don't it looks absolutely ridiculously horribly bad, which is probably 9 out of 10 times. Kyrgios is a terrible tennis player and needs mental help to deal with his outbursts

  3. Nick should be banned because there's so many times he's done stupid things. Rome was the final call for me and should be for other people. Tell him "the door is there." Sign the petition.

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