Top 10 Video Game Cosplays
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Top 10 Gaming. The channel where we dive into lists about everything and anything video game related. And today definitely falls into that anything-related category – we’re taking a look at the top 10 video game cosplays; costumes that are inspired by some of the most memorable and charismatic characters to grace your consoles. Let’s jump in.

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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Cosplays”

  1. That moment when I found out that the Lara Croft's cosplayer from TRL on the thumbnail was not on the list, ma heart shattered

  2. Thera re some amazing cosplays a very famous one was Yaya Han. I don;t knwo if any o fyou remember the magizine Newtype USA. They are called something different now but it was one of the magzines that told us about new and up coming animes, games, and manga. It had some cool articles and it had a cosplay section. I saw some really great work there the always had a featured lady but they also had photos form conventions and things to. Making a your own costume can be time consuming and expenisve depending on what your trying to be. If for example you wanna be a nekomata maid were you really just need a cute dress, apron and cat ears If your trying to be someone a little more spefic well you might need to be ready to shell out some cash. Except for Tifa'a glove weapon form FF7 her outfit would be easy to create.

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