Uyên Shynh Spa trị các loại mụn bằng phương pháp nặn mụn ống tre hút máu bầm không sưng, không thâm, hiệu quả rõ rệt sau 1,2 buổi. Chi phí 200-250k một buổi. Lh : 0966168885. Địa chỉ 136 chùa láng, tới alo mình sẽ hướng dẫn lên nhà


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32 thoughts on “Trị mụn bằng phương pháp lăn ống tre”

  1. Какое лицо "изрытое",бедный парень,врагу не пожелаешь,кошмар.😲☹️

  2. She seems panicked and like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. They should of refused him and advised a dermatologist. She’s not doing anything he has cystic acne and possibly hormonal acne. He needs to get the inflammation down with meds then come back for extractions…

  3. These tough squeezes that make your hands shake are what could cause oil gland ruptures. Gentle second squeezes to help you empty pores will NOT do harm. Just venting!

  4. I would like to know if any of these moves are beneficial? Are any of the squeezes, stabs, bloodletting, harmful?Does anyone know for sure?

  5. Nhìn đã thấy mất vệ sinh rồi, nên đến viện da liễu đi bạn ơi, nặn kiểu này càng nặn càng nặng hơn

  6. Awfu technique, no results, just picking around without emptying the pores. This tech needs to go back to school so she knows how to do this properly. I feel bad for the client that will walk out of there in worse shape!,

  7. I don't think they be sanitizing those wooden cylinders very well and most of their clients are returned clients…if you get my drift🤔

  8. Que horror 🤮 que manera tan desordenada y tan desagradable para trabajar y mas cuando manipula algo tan delicado, como es la cara. Muy sucio se ve todo. Gasss🤮

  9. She's a absolute BUTCHER ! for people that know she is squeezing to get the pustule out which is like a little root that produces the puss but she's going well over the top , the poor guy is going to be scarred for life , especially in her hands

  10. What a hack job she’s doing. He needs to be treated by someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.

  11. She is squeezing & squeezing and still NO puss at all or am I seeing something else? Video sucks & poor man is Not getting proper care.
    Here comes a major infection sorry to say. She continues wiping the same dirty cotton over & over his entire face with all that mess on it !

  12. I really can’t comment as to whether this girl knows what she’s doing or not. I am not an aesthetician and I have no idea how it would be to dig around in someone else’s face. I feel really sorry for him. However, I have seen “afters” and these gals work wonders. What does she have stuck on his face?

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