Want to have world edit in Minecraft 1.14.1?
In this video I show you how to get them step by step by setting up a spigot server.

Spigot –
World Edit –
Start.bat text – java -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar spigot-1.14.1.jar -o true

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Game – Minecraft
Version – 1.14.1
Texture Pack – Default / Vanilla

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24 thoughts on “Tutorial – How to Install World Edit for Minecraft 1.14.1”

  1. THANK YOU so much for the tutorial.. but I was wondering, when I made the server and tried to get in, why can't I?? or in the command prompt said
    lost connection : disconnected
    Did I miss one of the step or it is another factor?

  2. Sorry this just isnt working theres tooo much information if only there was an app of world edit to connect to minecraft guess ill have to go old school 😟

  3. It will not let me access it, double click then I get a black screen for a 1/2 a second then the window gets closed instantly for no reason

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