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40 thoughts on “TWICE “FANCY” Dance Practice Video”

  1. Можете подсказать как зовут блондинку в белом топе, и в чёрных штанах

  2. anyone else only just realising that chaeyoung makes the shapes of the letters with her hands when she sings 'sos'? 1:49

  3. Pagkatapos ko manood ng girltrends how do you sleep, pinanood ko to. I choose the right girlgroup HAHAJAHSHAJAJSHAHA

  4. Is this the fourth time I’ve seen this today?

    Am I gonna watch it again?

    Is my family going to judge me for this?

    Do I care?

  5. Geogi neo I fancy you
    Amuna wonhaji anha
    Hey, I love you (Love ya!)
    Geurae neo I fancy you
    Kkumcheoreom haengbokhaedo dwae
    'Cause I need you (What?)

  6. I just came from mnet vid revealing the nominees for best dance performance f/m groups. I love the fact that smaller groups get lots of love too in comment section(loona). I hate the fact that they shade the group w/ biggest potential to win (twice). Fancy choreo isn't an easy one too plus it's also an iconic one everyone's dancing to it. When a group came from small company they get discriminated, when a group came from big company they get discriminated (they're privileged) Remember these big companies came from nothing too and they worked hard to build and maintain their success now. Stop using the small company card im sick of it.

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