See more VR videos: – The Valve Index is the latest and greatest VR headset for high end PCs. But its requirements are high and the customer service is non-existent. We’ll explore both the good and bad in this review. Subscribe for more!

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01:02 – Pricing
01:21 – Configurations
01:33 – Tracking Sensors
02:27 – Field of view and image quality
03:22 – Higher Frame Rates
03:51 – Black levels vs. OLED headsets
04:42 – The Frunk and Cameras
05:40 – Built in headphones and audio quality
06:06 – Wearing the headset
06:30 – Comfort
07:13 – IPD adjustment
07:54 – Cable length and port requirements
09:23 – Index Controllers aka Knuckles
10:01 – Finger and grip sensor
10:56 – Index controller vs. Vive Controller
11:19 – Controller thumbstick problems / defect
12:35 – “Rolling Shutter” optical issues
13:37 – Valve’s Poor Customer Service
15:45 – PC hardware discussion
17:17 – PC hardware recommendations

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33 thoughts on “Valve Index VR Review – The Good and the Bad of the Latest PC Virtual Reality Headset”

  1. Great independent review. I think your problem is exactly what is surfacing on the “Valve Index Headset” forums in the Steam community; the headset does NOT work fully with ANY MiniDP to DP adapter. I created a ticket and Valve just responded yesterday and told me that unfortunately they can not provide a date for when a working adapter will be released by them. They welcomed me to try various adapters but couldn’t guarantee any would work. This is a huge problem to for all the high end gaming laptop owners.

    Ironically, in the forum at least a couple users have reported that the only mini DP toDP adapter that works 100% is the one that comes with the oculus rift S. However, oculus does not sell their adapter.

    Have you heard of this issue and do you believe it could have been what caused your issues?

  2. I think you mean LCD display not LED. res there are LEDs in the display but the part that makes up the image in LCD with an LED back light.

  3. Excellent video! Question, where did you buy your Mini Display port adapter? I also have a Alienware laptop, without the full size Displayport. Thanks

  4. Id like to thank you for the video index. Its really helpful, especially on longer videos. other youtubers just upload their 40 minute rant taken from a live stream and you dont know where to find their opinion on a specific subject, such as black levels.

  5. So the earphones can't be taken off like the Rift? Really not sure how I feel about trading my surround sound noise canceling headphones for that junk :/

  6. Excellent review. I was about to send over the money for my reservation. After watching this in depth review, I’ve decided to wait. $1000 for those kinds of issues, poor customer service, botched controllers is on strike too many for me. Thank you!

  7. It's OK boys they left a MODs slot for the community to fix it and make it better 🙂 Never seen that before in Video Games.

  8. I was on the waiting list for the Sept. batch and all of a sudden I got the email 2 months early that mine is ready. Is that because so many people are jumping ship? Should I take it or wait till things get fixed? It would bug me if the thumbsticks didn’t work right.

  9. Definitely having it's issues. The lack of customer service isn't good. I'm on the Sep batch. I've taken aboard what said but I'm still going ahead. Hoping for the best 😂. Pc ain't that great either. Ryzen 7 first gen,GTX 1070.

  10. Out of 6+ reviews I've seen so far, you're literally the first and only one to claim the new light house station actually have perceivably better tracking/precision (in not talking about the bigger range).
    Everybody else says that if you have the original base stations, you can save yourself the 200 bucks for the new ones. 🤨

  11. one note: They use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and not LED, LCD can change its image faster, because it uses a constant backlight (which is the reason for the blacks not being true blacks) and OLEDs (and LEDs) have the pixels generate the light itself
    (this is all as I remember, I haven't looked it up recently though)

  12. To measure PD …. put on glasses. Look forward. Not cross eyed. Look at a wall far away so you looking straight. Have someone put dots in middle of your eyeball with erasable marker on lenses. Measure. Usually mm.
    Or have someone measure from middle of eye to nose. Not as accurate but it’s ok. Then double it.

  13. The only premium on this trash is the valve deluxe audio heastrap , ah!and the price.

    Premium +lcd dont walk together ,premium is something like the 5k$$ Xtal that needs less than half the pc power for triple image quality than this.

    If you want a 3.5k pc to run this at 144hz its the same cost.

  14. – I-7700k liquid cooled@ 4.8GHz clock
    – 1080 Ti liquid cooled
    – 34GB of ram @ 3200MHz clock

    Will I be able to do 120FPS on the Index? I have been putting off upgrading to the 2080Ti because its only a 10-20 FPS gain at $1,300 price.

  15. Excellent review. I own Vive and Index, and this is accurate and fair review with proper conclusions. Good on ya for also taking them to task on the problems. I don't theink their gonna mass rma the controllers though, as much as I enjoyed hearing you suggest it :/

  16. Did you happen to update the firmware? I would recommend also trying a clean install of Windows with everything already updated as well to try to see if that would mitigate the issue with the shaking video.

  17. I have a stuck white-bright pixel in my left lens close to the primary field of vision… not cool. I field yesterday (Sunday), so will see how long this takes to resolve.

  18. UPDATE 7/10/2019: I received a replacement headset today that is unfortunately exhibiting the same issues with that distortion / rolling shutter effect I pointed out in my original review. At this point the only thing I can conclude is that it's something related to my eyes and how they interact with the optics of the lenses on the headset. I don't have corrected vision and never had any issue with other headsets.

    So I am going to be asking Valve for a refund. This is clearly not compatible with my particular biology and is just never going to work for me.

    And as far as trouble shooting goes: I upgraded my main PC to an i9 with the latest and greatest memory/motherboard, etc. This issue is persistent across three different hardware configurations that I have tested now. Motion smoothing is off. It occurs at 90/120/and 144hz.

  19. So much misinformation;
    -Customer service replied to me in 2 days to offer a free repair to my controllers which got broke by my mistake.(and I don't have a super famous twitter account)
    -Newer VR headsets don't use OLED anymore, not using OLED doesn't make Index worse than any other recent headset.
    -You used an adapter for display port, used a laptop and complain about shutter. Somehow this is the first time i hear a shutter issue.
    -No mention of the headphones on HMD which is loved by almost all who experienced it.

  20. Excellent review, definitely made me a bit more cautious on pulling the trigger for the Index, hope you can hear back from Valve soon

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