Heading to Hanoi Vietnam? Wondering where to eat in Hanoi? Have you heard of Banh Mi 25, possibly Vietnam’s most reviewed banh mi shops on the internet! Well we had and we wanted to know, do they really serve the Best Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich in Hanoi?

There is a lot of Vietnamese street food in Hanoi and one of the most popular has to be the Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi. We had been hearing a lot about a place in the Hanoi Old Quarter called Banh Mi 25 and when we looked it up online, the number of reviews it had were amazing! Over 4000 on Tripadvisor and more than 3000 Google reviews, with the majority being 5 star and some even claiming it was the best banh mi in Vietnam.
But while searching online we also found a story from a blogger called Rusty Compass, in which he talks about and does a comparison to another local Banh Mi stall just down the road, who also does a great Banh Mi and has been in the same spot for over 30 years, but has almost no online presence.

So we decided that for this mornings breakfast in Hanoi, we would also try them both, we would have a Banh Mi Battle and decide who we think has the best Banh Mi sandwich in Hanoi Vietnam!

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We are Leon and Tash, a New Zealand vlogging couple who set off on an amazing Vietnam adventure as fulltime travellers, backpacking Vietnam.
But we weren’t going to travel to Vietnam for one of those ordinary backpacking Vietnam trips you hear about everybody doing, where they go for a couple off weeks and check out the beaches or maybe riding through Vietnam at such a crazy pace that they never get off the beaten track. No we want more than that.

Our Vietnam adventures start with learning the way of the locals, taking just enough time to figure out how things work, discover what the “Must see places in Vietnam” are and more importantly where Vietnam’s hidden gems are…

To do this, we moved to Danang Vietnam. The plan was to spend 3 months living in Da Nang, meeting and learning from locals about the culture, the amazing food, their way of living and what places they would recommend to travel in Vietnam.
And because Danang is in the middle of the country, we hoped we might meet other tourists or expats who were having their own Vietnam travel adventure or were at the halfway point of motorcycle riding through Vietnam and hear from them, what places they thought we must visit in Vietnam. Also, as new travel vloggers, having a base there meant we could try things like doing Da Nang Vietnam travel vlog or creating a Danang Vietnam travel guide, before also taking on the stresses of fulltime travel.

Then in month 4, that’s when the real Vietnam adventure begins. With our new list of must see places, we will head to Saigon and buy a couple of motorbikes. to start our Vietnam road trip!
Motorcycle riding through Vietnam seems like one of the most hectic, crazy and chaotic things anyone could do, but we can’t wait!! And we won’t be following a simple South to North / Saigon to Hanoi route, we plan on doing more like a figure 8, so that our travel in Vietnam will cover both the inland and coastal areas of this amazing country.

So can we still say we are backpacking Vietnam? Or should we be telling people our travel in Vietnam is a motorcycle trip through Vietnam? We’re not sure, but what we do know is, our Vietnam road trip is going to cover over 6000km’s from Saigon right up to the famous waterfalls of Ban Gioc near Cao Bang, round the northern point of the Ha Giang loop and everything else we can access in between.

So we hope you’ll join us, the New Zealand vlogging couple, on our Vietnam adventure by clicking subscribe to join the Tribe and experience our travel in Vietnam..

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27 thoughts on “Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich – Banh Mi Battle!”

  1. Haha, you guys are hilarious in this. Looks like the local favorite won by a whisker. Good to hear both are good though.

  2. Awwwhhh all the banh mi!! Could eat them all day 😍😍😍 so far haven't found any in Malaysia as good as the ones in Hanoi 🙁

  3. I love Banh Mi sandwiches! I agree with The Travels of Z, your Banh Mi challenge made me laugh! I really enjoyed the video and look forward to following along with your adventures. 👍

  4. 1:55–2:05 made me laugh so hard! It's got a song, it must be great! Glad '30' won, i always root for the underdog haha

  5. Hahah I love this Banh Mi showdown. Wooot go Banh Mi Paté! How good is that Banh Mi song? And why is it not in the charts? I've had it in my head all day now.

  6. Sorry I missed this one. Amazing that stall has been there for over 30 years. Both look like good contenders but I think proof is definitely in the tasting. Cool reviews. I think the first wins with the warm egg

  7. Darn, we missed this one from a few days ago, but happy to see now! You guys know we Love Banh Mi but this episode is great. Really fun, funny and tasty episode 🙂
    By the way, are you guys still in Vietnam? Because we have a couple YouTube friends who are there now. Would love if you could meet them.
    Your fans, James and Kim

  8. Nice one Leon and Tash 👍 You guys sure have tried a Banh Mi or two on this trip. And that Banh Mi song. Where did you come across that one?

  9. You guys look fantastic. Methinks maybe coming off the road work has done you some good. I absolutely missed you both. Now I'm going to beat you up a lil bit. You don't go away for a month, sell the bikes, spend your ……………was it………….last 30 days in Vietnam and then come out of nowhere on a delicious Bhan Mi battle. Common now. Give us the scoop. Love you both. BTW, I'm, down to like 6 weeks to boots on the ground !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The banh me challenge!!😜 So cheap!! Loved the music on this one guys👍 Hope you are both well? 🙂😊

  11. Hi both, wow, you’re back! Have missed your vlogs, I’ll admit it now! Banh Mi porn! A great battle and comparison! Cheers both 😀👍👍👍💕

  12. Oh my! I literally ate 10 of these a week when we were in VN haha. They all looked good to me. There was a restaurant in Saigon that did a $100 version of this with like Japanese beef and caviar but I never did try that!

  13. Banh Mi 25 that's where we're going for sure! And that banh mi stall down the road also bomb 😂👍 such a bargain for some absolutely amazing looking sandwiches. O man I wanna do an episode on banh mi just so we can eat these all day. Good to see the banh mi 25 one was actually a lil unique in its flavors even if the egg wasn't as good 😂

  14. On my first time in Hanoi I bumped into the opening of one of their franchises near West Lake!
    It was good, nice atmosphere many options but honestly, not the best Banh Mi I had in Vietnam. Plus, they are a bit overpriced.
    I guess it's a safe option as a first time visitor. The fact that they have menus in English and staff speaking English helps a lot with getting popular and with the reviews…
    But certainly…best Banh Mi can be round the corner of some alley in a dirty cart where they don't even have a waiting line or menus…

  15. I love Banh Mi in Vietnam 🇻🇳 The Internet 📶 blagged how good how Banh mi 25 was. Just goes to show that the Internet 📶 is not always realible for information.

  16. Hello its really good to see you guys. you are really enjoying your trip of Vietnam. nice food. have a great weekend. thumbs up!

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