We are in Nha Trang!! Is it for travellers or for holiday makers?! We tell you what we think! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @dabbleandtravel and HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE!

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39 thoughts on “Vietnam’s BEST beach – Nha Trang!! For travellers or holiday makers?!?”

  1. I have been missing episodes from you guys! Now I know why! Even though I am subscribed, YouTube only selects the ones it puts on my feed (which is the default). NOW I AM SUBSCRIBED TO ALL so I don't have to miss any of your episodes. The only problem is your other subscribers might not know this too… 🤔 Anywau, I hope YouTube just makes subscribed to all the default! Now, I have plenty of your videos to catch up!

  2. Very informative video, lots of information. I’ve been in Hanoi for a year (too long). Off to Nha Trang very soon. I’ve booked a 5 Star hotel near your location at £18 a night on booking.com.

    Brilliant video guys….

  3. all you need is a quirky beach and two beer when the dark clouds arrive pull back and have couple more beers !
    it was so nice when you brought two beers for you and GF and you hang out on the beach towel.
    did you climb this over the bed cage in the hotel room? I would

  4. Hi Ken and Barbie!!! It's beautiful in the land of our beloved friends, Vietnam!!!!
    God bless you guys and stay safe. (love from the Philippines) 🌅🌺🍀💓

  5. Hey, Molly. I miss your videos. You were gone in my recommendation and now I saw your video again. I also miss my baby boy there. What’s the name of your boy, Molly?

  6. Hope Dabble&Travel vlog will explore Mindanao when you go back in Philippines. You should visit Bukidnon & Siargao, also try mountaineering activity like climbing Mt.Apo(Phils. highest mountain) for more adventure and not always chilling and relaxing on a resort. Go out of your comfort zone.

  7. why you dont collaborate with another vlogger like finn snow whne will you be back at P.I. make sure u look out for fin love tu see you have a nice day

  8. Hi l have been following your blogs for a few weeks now. I went to Nah Trang last year suggest you try below for a meal https://livincollective.tumblr.com/

  9. The flavored beer looks great! I want to have a sip of that too. Great content! Thanks for sharing your travel experiences!

  10. Ur crib iszzz absolutely sic 💕. A cage bed a free standing bath & beautiful views not bad for 💷100 quid 😂& ohh + a gorgeous duo 🤣👏👍

  11. Hello Beautiful Couple 👩‍❤️‍👨 it's a nice place to travel to for holiday makers as more tourists flock on this area. Beautiful place indeed. Safe Travels 😇

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