■ VIETNAM, SAIGON: Most of the food I try in Asia, especially the street food, is excellent. But there’s always the exception. This day in Vietnam was a horrible food day. After not having had a single bite of anything for 36 hours I decided to sit down at a street restaurant to eat a whole chicken. I was mighty hungry and looking forward to devouring it like no chicken I’ve ever dug into in my lifetime. So what was wrong with the food and why was it so bad?

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47 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Worst Chicken: Street Food Gone Wrong!”

  1. Why are Vietnam chickens so skinny? Because they're not fattened to be killed in a month or pumped full of hormones like in the west. That's why.

  2. Harald is mad eating that shit. The Vietnamese have zero interested in your good health; Profits come first. That was probably an old road kill chicken which was too ill to cross the road fast enough.

  3. Dude never ever use ice in third world countries….they use “tap” water (if you’re lucky) and their hydraulic systems are at best equal to our shitholes in Europe…. with ice you are ingesting mounds of colibacteria or worst amaebas. Either you grow up there and your digesting system develops countermeasures…or you end up shitting like a moose, if you’re lucky, or shitting + vomiting with 40 C fever 🙂
    I like your videos but you are a bit a noob in travelling 🙂

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  5. If you’re planning to travel to Vn. As a local and a manager at fine dining restaurant, here are some advices for you tourist.
    -stay away from street vendor. The sources they got are cheap and from unknown sellers.
    -don’t drink free ice tea, water and ice. They’re tab water. Buy a bottle of water/tea instead.
    -pay more to enjoy your meals before and AFTER. Some pricey restaurant buy their goodie at high price and from known company.

  6. I'm Getting a little off track here, But what type of camera and tripod do you use to take your videos ? Can you describe and show if possible, Thank you and greatly appreciated, Al

  7. That chicken might be a country chicken. Maybe that was the best chicken you would have eaten. Maybe you´reinto the indisctrila OMG´s

  8. Tumpang famous saja kau ni.nak cari viewers saja kau ni.ayam asia dgn tmpt kau mana sama. Kuat temberang bah kau ni. Mcm kah kau perfect sngt.complain org sana sini.

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