Vitamin D Deficiency | 6 Month Update

Last fall, I uploaded a video to my channel titled “Vitamin D Deficiency & Hair Loss!?”. Basically, I had noticed my hair thinning/falling out for quite some time and I didn’t know why. It was terrifying and I thought something was seriously wrong. That is until I went to go see my doctor and she explained that the hair loss was a symptom of vitamin d deficiency as well as other symptoms like increased anxiety, irritation, being tired all the time. After a quick blood test, she told me that I needed to take 2000 IU of vitamin D a day. I had no idea what that meant or why this was happening to me until I started to do a little more research and realized that this is extremely common, especially here in Canada. Once I uploaded the video, my Instagram inbox was flooded with messages from people saying they were experiencing the same thing or that they had gone to the doctor based on my recommendation in the video and found out they were also vitamin d deficient. Based on all the questions that I’ve been asked, I decided to do a 6-month update video to let you know everything I’ve learned and experienced since. 

Vitamin D Deficiency & Hair Loss!? –

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29 thoughts on “Vitamin D Deficiency | 6 Month Update”

  1. I got blood test and it was 8 ng/ml lol
    One third of my hair is gone. Some rude girls always telling me how empty my hairline is. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope it will get better

  2. My doctor prescribed me 60000IU twice in a week on Wednesday and Saturday. After I diagnosed with this problem I searched on YouTube if people really get big hair loss due to vitamin D deficiency and I found your vedio. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Hi! (: i was wondering what was your level of d when you were deficient? Mine was at 19. My doctor said to start vitamin d pills immediately.

  4. sorry you are wrong some people needs more than 100,000 units every day especially people with Neuro degenerative disease for at least 2 -3 months after that you can take 25.000units everyday for next 3 months, then you have to take 10,000 units every day . MS ,Parkinson; Plus zinc, magnesium,folate k2 MK7.

  5. Thank you so much for this !!!
    My hair is falling down like crazy and I had to cut it because the ends just went transparent! My Vitamin D is 14 ng/ml and I didn’t believe that it is the cause of the hair loss and I started panicking!

    Again thank you! 🙏🏼❤️

  6. Once you were taking your vitamin D did you hair continue to fall as much or was there less hairs falling off? How long did it take you to start noticing your hair regrowth?

  7. I developed Alopecia areata recently. (Baldness on the head) which I think it’s what you had? I am also low on vitamin d. I started taking vitamin d two days ago, I am also on a tablet to stop the progression of the Alopecia. See how I go.

  8. You may want to get your thyroid checked as well. It still looks thinned but maybe its in growing phase. Iodine and zinc is important too

  9. 2000 is very low. You can do up to 50 000 a week plus sun or lamp exposure and fish. I wouldnt go that slow especially for the people have mutation on the gene that controls vitamin d….Im taking 10 000 a day now. I noticed that C Reactive Protein (marker for inflamation) was lower when vitamin d was huy even if i fixed my stomach..

  10. I went from 16 to 52 in 6 months … bottom line get a ton of sun, supplement d3 everyday and learn mindful ways to cope with stress …and you will raise it and feel better in no time …. be consistent!

  11. I found out about my severe vitamin D deficiency in March and in two months my levels went upto 33 ng from 7. I am aiming for 55ng.I started with 4K IU of d3 then went on to 10k IU along with magnesium, fish oil,Vit k2. It was life changing! I also had to correct my severe B12 and iron deficiency with shots and infusions respectively.I took a zinc + b complex capsule too. I also made some dietary changes by limiting dairy, gluten and sugar. I am a different person now. I used to have extreme hair fall, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, poor balance, bone pain, weak teeth, numbness in my toes, lack of concentration , poor memory, depression, anxiety and brain fog. My career, social life, relationships everything was suffering for so many years. I feel like over 75% of my problems are gone. It didn’t take too long, only a few months for this entire transformation. Please do not ignore nutritional deficiencies . I hope this helps people 🙏🏼

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