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43 thoughts on “VLADIMIR ONE SHOT COMBO & Rock3tt”

  1. My main combo for vlad is
    R+ empowered Q+ E+W+ release E+ protobelt + Q if it is back up (45% cdr)
    And i use this combo for a quick assasination
    E+R+ empowered Q+ W( if necessary ) +Release E+ protobelt

  2. Mobilliği nasıl 8 AMK??? Vladın mobilliği 0 AMK 0!!! Oyunun en yavaş karakterlerinden ve hiçbir yeteneği mobillik sağlamıyor.

  3. you forget to mention you're supposed to leave E on normal cast instead of quick. Otherwise, you have to hold E every time to charge and it's annoying to combo.

  4. Vladimir's mobility is not 8/10 but 4 or 5 /10 and difficulty is 5 or 6/10. And the second thing. Vlad main combo is this: E1, Flash, R, E2, charged Q, W + Protobelt
    But great video for beginners with Vladimir, man. Liked! GJ 🙂

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