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Should you go outside? In this video we explore different aspects of being in nature and how it impacts us. From the scientific side, we look at some effects on the body and mind, and from a yogic aspect we see what the significance of nature is to us on a deeper level.

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Heath is a Classical Hatha Yoga teacher trained at the Isha Foundation in India. Constantly learning and growing, Heath and the rest of the team at YogaSciences are constantly working toward the goal of getting the world to meditate. This channel is an effort to share practical steps you can take and tools you can make use of for your own wellbeing.

Most of this footage was filmed by us, but we also would like to thank,,, and for supplying the extra stock footage.

And the background music is by Sounds of Isha, and can be found on Soundcloud.

And most of all we would like to thank you for watching 😊🙏
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Filme produzido por Heath Street traduzido para o Português
Heath é meu amigo e me permitiu repostar o vídeo com tradução para o Português. Namaskaram
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