‘Gamma’ is a rather confusing word that appears in setting up monitors and other devices. It also appears in photo editing functions. Here’s a simple description that concludes it’s much like ‘curves’ and is largely about mid-tone adjustment.

Functions using this in the excellent Affinity Photo are shown. The principle of Gamma, however, is universal.

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9 thoughts on “What is Gamma? (using Affinity Photo)”

  1. I am studying a media and my teacher said that Gamma refers to the luminance of light, and that Luma was a seperate term which refers to the levels of light. It sounded reasonable when my teacher explained it. now i have started researching I assume that Luma is short for luminance and i am struggling to understand the difference between luma and gamma. can someone please take a read and try to explain this for me simply.

  2. This video is going in my ASMR watchlist. No offense because it's not boring. It's just your voice is sooo relaxing.

  3. Been a home cinema enthusiast for decades. I've played around with gamma and run calibrations but never really got it. Your explanation is the best I've seen because I'm a visual learner. Thanks so much. Typing this while my TV's running a 3D LUT to calibrate my colour 🙂

  4. Thank you for this very clear explanation. It combined a nicely detailed component (graphs) with a simple take home message (think of it as midtones). I previously could see what gamma changes did to my images, but really didn't understand how the control related to other tools.

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