Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be comparing some of the top gaming mice and discussing what I believe is the best one for Minecraft PvP!

0:41 – Glorious Model O
2:54 – Finalmouse Ultralight 2
5:11 – Logitech G403
6:53 – Razer Deathadder Elite
8:29 – Logitech G502
9:11 – Logitech G Pro


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40 thoughts on “What is the BEST mouse for PvP?”

  1. I have owned over 20 different mice over the years and being an ergonomic lover the deathadder elite will always be my favourite. An true oldie but a goodie.

  2. i have the exact same copy of the logitech g pro( trust)and i don't raccommand it for butterfly clickers bc it has a little frame around the key,and you can't click the key with 2 fingers, oh and bc of that you can't make the key double click

  3. I wan to get either the glorious model o or the razer da elite but idk which one to choose. I jitterclick only and my hands are medium sized. Weight doesn't matter. Could you help me make the right decision?

  4. So i had Gloriouse model O and it was too small because my hand is very big and my hand is sweating alot i can sweat in 1 min so when i was holding model O the mouse died because my sweat got into it and so is g403 my best choice and razer deathrader is cheap feeling to me

  5. The deathadder elite can butterfly, reaching 20 cps with butterflying is not normal, a common misconception is between Debounce software used for mechanical switches in mice to prevent double clicking and butterflying. Butterflying is using 2 fingers to click faster, sometimes you can send packets of your butterfly clicking to a server that just seem like you are double clicking, however when you do that and you perfectly simulate a double click with your 2 fingers your mouse won't stop sending the 2 clicks as it will calculate how hard the mechanical switch was pressed ( kinda like a ruler held at the end of table and your hand smashing it, it will then bounce multiple times as for a mouse it would simulate multiple clicks. But your mouse is smart it will know when you actually performed the click, when the debounce happens and when you click multiple times, that is just what I personally know about razer's debounce software.) And making the mouse double click when you butterfly will get you a fat ban on many servers, hell you can double click even when you normal click and you would probably get banned.

  6. dude the sensitive buttons on the deathadder for me is the most annoying thing i always accidentally press the left or right button.
    It gets even worse when my mouse is like 2 years old and worn out. I literally can't even jitter on it anymore because I don't put any force into clicking it

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