When your Little Sister deletes all of your Games , in this video i’ll show you what happens When your little sister deletes all of your games . #Gaming #LittleSister #LeoKun
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Gameplay : A Hat in Time – Credits to :

~ Sounds By Kevin MacLeod
and …
~ Carefree – 00:08
~ Fredgi – Happy Life – 00:13
~ Fluffing a Duck – 00:54
~ Monkeys Spinning 1:42
~ We are one – Vexento – 2:28
~ Sneaky Snitch 3:10
~ The Complex – 5:19
~ Sad and Dramatic Music – 7:06 (Credit to )

“Amazing Plan”, “At Rest”, “Carefree”, “Cipher”, “Darkest Child”, “Fluffing a Duck”, “Hall of the Mountain King”, “Heartbreaking”, “Hitman”, “Investigations”, “Kool Kats”, “Local Forecast”, “Local Forecast – Elevator”, “Merry Go”, “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, “Run Amok”, “Scheming Weasel (faster version)”, “Scheming Weasel (slower version)”, “Sneaky Adventure”, “Sneaky Snitch”, “The Bandit”, “There It Is”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

Spring In My Step – Silent Partner

*Outro : Spektrem – Shine ( Provided by NCS )
*Intro : Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

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43 thoughts on “When your Little Sister deletes all of your Games – PART 1”

  1. Wow Leo you’re sister is an @s5 and I would punch her in the face where it hurts. If your adopted mom interfers then punch her too and if you give her mistical magical 5h*t spatula beating powers like usual then you’re vids are too unfair, stupid, annoying and it makes me angry to watch. Thank you…

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