Jesse Coomer is a certified Personal Trainer, English Professor, Breathworker, meditator, and life adventurer.
He is also Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor. Jesse Coomer was part of the first group of people to become certified to train others in WHM. Jesse has is a long-time practitioner of the Wim Hof Method and trained directly under Wim Hof himself. This channel is dedicated to health and wellness, breathwork, and cold exposure. The content in this video is Jesse’s opinion based on his own research and experience. It is not endorsed by NASM, Innerfire, or any other governing body.

If you are interested in learning the Wim Hof Method, please attend a workshop or sign up for the online course through

In this episode, Jesse talks about Raynaud’s Syndrom and how it can affect a person’s cold training.


Twitter: JesseMidwester1

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8 thoughts on “Why do my fingers turn white in the cold? | Raynaud’s Syndrome |”

  1. I have it man my hands go purple. I just have become more mindful and careful in the cold especially the cold air just put some gloves on

  2. hi. thanks for your content bro! i have a icebath tub but its too small so ma feet hand hands stick out of the water. how important is it for the benefits that those are also under the water?

  3. Great videos!
    I love taking cold showers, but I am having a weird feeling on the inside of my forearms when I try to rotate my hands when holding my arms straight.
    It's almost like a tugging of the nerves or tendons that goes along the underside of the forearms to the fingers. It's not really painful, just uncomfortable.
    I get this feeling on a small part of the left side of my stomach also. It goes away within a couple of minutes after coming out of the shower. Just thought I'd ask if this was anything to be concerned about. Thanks!

  4. My wife has it. Her fingers would turn white just going to Shoprite because they always have their air conditioning set low. She's had it for most of her life. It's supposedly a lot worse when the color comes back, when her fingers are white they are just discolored, when they turn red it hurts quite a bit from what she tells me.

  5. Really good video thanks. I have always gotten white finger tips in cold weather, and also blue/grey hands in my teens and later, sometimes followed by swelling fingers days after. In my mid 20's I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and had to have several surgeries for recurring abscesses.
    I know you have to be careful with advice you give to us to protect yourself, and tell us to see doctor and so on. However, many of us searching health solutions are here because official medical advice has been not what we had hoped, and I have had decent success maintaining myself by changing the foods I eat (natural antimicrobials, probiotic foods), and recently introducing lifestyle methods including Wim Hof method. So even though you feel you have to give your disclaimers, keep feeling free to offer advice still on what we could do that suits our more challenging circumstances. It's up to us to follow carefully. Thanks for all your videos, they help more than your subscriber count infers!

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