Video to show how to repair your Windows XP. Please take a look at our Repair-Guide:


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40 thoughts on “Windows Repair: How to repair your Windows XP PC with your Boot-Disc”

  1. my computer fail to start am trying to follow the intructins you have provided above but the problem is still there plz help me how to solve thank you

  2. After pressing the Enter key I don't see the "repair screen" but rather one that asks if I wanna load windows on the existing partition or a different one but not to repair. What do I do now?

  3. Thank u vry vry vry much
    I was stuck with port dead problem for a month or more and my pc works fine

  4. Dam.. I wish i would have read some of the comments below, now i have to recover the data of this hard drive because this re-installed WIndows Home instead of repairing the start up.. Thanks a lot jackass!!!

  5. When i press enter it said "setup did not find any hard disk drivers installed in your computer… IM SO PISSED!

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