WordPress Version 5.0 which includes the gutenberg builder is finally here! If you are running the divi theme, elementor or even brizy i would strongly recommend you do not update at all! I have found some bugs with each builder and also if you find anything wrong with your website make sure to notify the developers to help them fix it!

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39 thoughts on “WordPress Gutenberg 5.0 RELEASED: DONT UPDATE! – Divi Theme, Elementor and Brizy TESTED!!”

  1. Hey Darrel, Thanks for the content. I am having the worst experience using Divi. The theme im using is really nice, but every time I use the builder it glitches. I go back and forth between the classic divi builder and the latest. I feel really stuck. One problem is saving changes. If i work on the back end and save, once i go to the front end to view changes they don't show. When I add pictures and try to edit, man, big problem. I'm using the extra theme. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  2. Great video man! Don't forget the kioken blocks. It adds premium page builder capabilities to the editor: https://wordpress.org/plugins/kioken-blocks/

  3. Well while I’m here… So I thought my update was messing with my site but it was really just my browser. I guess after the update it picked up some kind of blocker and stopped working. Switched browsers and all is well. I was using Safari and now Chrome.

  4. I stupidly updated to 5.1 and now my DIVI modules won't open when building on the front end. Newbie here..any suggestions?

  5. Anything beyond 4.9 just SUCKS major time!
    WordPress used to be so simple – with the editor being so easy to use. Now, after 4.9, instead of keeping things simple, theyve bloated every aspect of WP with features that no one hardly will ever use; especially with every Premium Paid Theme having Visual Composer, and WP Bakery editors already built into them, which allow the user w/ access to special features.
    Well, I just downgraded down to 4.9, and everything looks as it should – again.

  6. Im having the same issue. I could update in the front end but not the back end. Hello, after the new wordpress update I see a new page editor. How can I change it back to the previous version. I cannot update page titles. I created a video to better explain the issue. Click on the link below. Can someone help me resolve this issue please.


  7. I hate it!
    I’ve lost two blog post drafts in Divi. I feel really restricted and sometimes I can’t edit the text of my blog posts. DIVI upgrade isn’t working properly and now I’m stuck

  8. Hello there, so bad that I just saw this video late. I did updated the WordPress and now the Divi doesn’t work, it only work in the Home page, when I want to use the Divi builder in others pages it doesn’t show in the bar or allow me to do it. I did contact elegant theme, and they told me to update the Divi Theme but now I can not update the Divi Theme, do you know what I can do to solve this any link to a video shown how to fix that? Thank you 🙏

  9. Here's why Gutenberg is THE BEST THING that happened to WP. Page builders like Divi, Visual Composer, etc have taken control from professional developers and designers and put in the hands of bogus "web designers" resulting in very unappealing, buggy, and slow websites. They offer a ton of features to users who have no design skills. As a freelancer I stay away from clients using page builders because I know they have 100 issues. I hand code the features my client needs and work with professional designers to build a unique look and brand identity. Gutenberg makes all of that easier through modular and scalable design. It gives professionals control resulting in better websites and happier clients. Those against Gutenberg, are actually against a new and better web tech stack. The new WP will be very appealing to the new generation of developers who understand good design and in demand by future clients. Gutenberg should not be seen as a page builder. It's made for developers to build unique experiences. Hopefully Gutenberg will cleanse the platform of bad coding and design, bringing back quality work.

  10. Gutenberg is just "Classic" with "blocks." It destroyed the workspace by shrinking it, it hid all of the tools, it HIDES the tools, for some kind of "sleek design" craze. Absolute garbage. Also, it's breaking multiple pagebuilders. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING

  11. Guys, you should UPDATE to WP 5! Then you can reverse back just your editor installing the "classic editor" plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/). Tested with WPBakery, all fine.

  12. Yes, presently it has disorganised my woocommerce website. After editing with UX builder and once I update to check my homepage, I keep seeing nothing found. I am confused. Lots of bugs

  13. Same thing happens with visual composer/wp bakery builder. No option to create pages with visual composer from Backend

  14. Try changing your content to blocks and you will see it screws up all of your formatting so you will have to re-build all of your pages. Mine load really slow and there seems to be a bug in the auto-save feature. Pages take forever to update.

  15. You're not even updating the plug-ins first… Maybe you should give the plug-ins a chance to be fixed. Also don't tell people not to update. Tell them to test it elsewhere first to iron out the bugs.

  16. Please contact wordpress, they make bullshit, my ads are all massed up, my rpm drop, i need lot more time to create post…. I don't know why they do this, this is most stupid update i ever seen..

  17. @DarrelWilson I updated one of my websites to the latest WordPress variant. It doesn't seem to be working well with my "Enfold" theme. Can you tell me how to go back to previous version of WordPress? I guess that's 4.9.8 or something. How can I reinstall that so I can get back on track with my building? I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks.

  18. I can't stand this latest wordpress update! Who can i email at wordpress to yell at. I can't find anything! I'm so ticked right now! Thanks WP….you just set my productivity back each day by hours.

  19. Its bad. Its meant to be more simple and powerful? I can't even add a damn image easily now…. I am going to revert back to classic

  20. Hey man. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of Gutenberg. It seems to cause chaos with the Yoast as well. As an SEO, I personally would recommend all of the WordPress community to wait it out. Loved to see someone actually covering the bugs on YouTube.
    Do let me know if you want me to research the effects of 5.0 on SEO.

  21. I updated my divi first and then updated to 5.0(as Elegant themes suggested, read your newsletters people!) , then open every page on my website with visual builder and re-saved it and everything works just fine

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