News: Firmware 1.08 Released:

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 complete DJ system is the all-in-one dream: the union of CD/USB decks, DJ software control, a top-flight mixer, powerful performance features and intuitive remote control via iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

XDJ-R1 Video Playlist:

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Carl Cox – Family Guy (Jon Rundell Mix) – Intec Records

Antonio Piacquadio – Grinding (Original Mix) – Alive Records
JMX – Feel It (Original Mix) – Alive Records

(iPad stand not included)


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24 thoughts on “XDJ-R1 Official Walkthrough – Wireless DJ System”

  1. ehi pio..
    can you show the wave in the timeline bar..
    include the genre in browse menu..
    and the possibilty to connect e multi usb dock ,to connect more than one usb drive
    thank you

  2. i got it today on amazon

  3. I am going to buy the xdj r1 I think it the one for me just wanted to know wot would be a nice little set of speaker to go with it and how do I recorded myself mixing is it on to a USB or iPhone thank you !

  4. Weird, it's the opposite of a controller. Instead of using the mixer to control the computer, you use the computer to control the mixer!

  5. Dear Pioneer,

    Why can this controller not read the Rekordbox data from my USB device? I mean, why do you have to change the Rekordbox settings to load your USB device with data especially made for the XDJ-R1. 
    Why does the Rekordbox data for the CDJ 2000's not work on this controller? 

    A reply would be much appreciated !

    Kind regards

  6. They say if you load your USB with rekordbox it will work with all pioneer products who have a USB input. Thats not true.. You can only use USB with rekordbox for the XDJ R1 if you exported it with XDJ R1 selected in the preferences menu in rekordbox. So if you then plug it into a CDJ 2000 you wont get your rekordbox data.. 🙁 

  7. Hi Pioneer
    I have a problem with the XDJ R1. I use the XDJ R1 with virtual dj but if I do, the Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll do not work as they supposed to. The Noise and Crush do not work aswell. Can you please help me with this problem……

  8. Dear Pioneer Dj.

    Can i get one for free? You know for testing and mix a little! Please reply.

    Thanks and cheers from Costa Rica

  9. Hi Pioneer, I have updated mine XDJ-R1 with 1.09 firmware and the problem I'm facing is that BPM does not show for many seconds and sometime couple of minutes. This is a major issue as u cannot set the BPM to mix the song and by the time it shows the 'drop' of the song is gone, so… 

    Second, even whn the BPM shows it just fluctuates to different BPMs within micro-seconds but in reality the songs BPM is something else… Please fix this else it is impossible to use this set for commercial gigs!!!   

  10. JUST purchased the XDJ-R1 and I need HELP…..!!!!! I'm just not understanding how to use the Rekordbox and/or RemoteBox.  I need help BAD please help and/or give me a number I can call I've watched just about EVERY video on the XDJ

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