This video shows you how to get the most from your XDJ-R1 using Rekordbox software.

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22 thoughts on “XDJ-R1 Rekordbox Tutorial”

  1. Update please. I have the last one rekordbox en old XDJ R1. I can't see my playlists from rekordbox on the xdj.

  2. Need a little help… what if I have a video which has a poor audio quality and I also have a hi quality wav file of the track…can I turn off the audio from the video and use the better quality one from the collection? If Yes how do we do it? Please let me know.

  3. can i just plug my MacBook in with the usb cable and use rekordbox? as i just use the link with the pioneer 2000's and use my mac as an external driver.. never used an xdj r1 before and have to use 1 tonight! any help would be appreciated..

  4. Thanks man, I have my key set up for cdj and when I tried to use in on the xdj it was a failure (no playlists). I'm using an xdj again so you've helped me to set up playlists on a new key. Ledge!!!!

  5. when i press the eject button its just sayng theres an error. this is after adding to a playlist and exportiing onto the usb nd its pissing me off bad help?

  6. I'm mad late but I'm messing around with this RB software & this Pioneer XDJ R1 thing & they seem to work independently…
    What's the point of this software controller combo?
    So you basically use the software to control the USB stick…?
    I can't seem to figure out how to load a track into the actual Pioneer controller to be able to manipulate it like ANY Rane software or even Traktor.
    I just don't understand the point.
    Who wants to use a USB stick with a display with ONE LINE OF TEXT to go through literally 10's of thousands of songs??
    Someone explain to me the draw of this program.

  7. Hey guys if anyones able to help me out with a list of softwares to record using the XDJR1s I'd be well appreciative.

  8. After analyze and export, does my USB works with any pioneer machine, as cdj1000/2000… Or my USB will work just with my XDJ-R1? Thanks!

  9. Hey guys can you convert your playlists already on a device from XDJ-R1 to Cdj's or do you have to load the playlist on again with the setting already applied ? 

  10. I like the fact that you can use Rekordbox with the R1 instead of Remotebox (not all of us are Apple fans!), But from your video it seems the only way to navigate your Rekordbox library on the USB is through the LCD screen on the R1. Is it not possible to somehow navigate your USB Rekordbox via an Android tablet? Getting the same view I get on my desktop would make this an instant buy.

  11. Hi, sorry my previous answer did not help you. There's not that mush preparation to do then what you can find on page 5 of the manual and this XDJ-R1/rekordbox tutorial. If it doesn't work with a certain drive, it could be the drive is not compatible.

  12. this didnt help.
    the pioneer site nor the forums have any information on how to get a usb device to work with the R1.
    tell me exactly how I am supposed to prepare a usb hd for use with the fed up of the machine telling me the drive is empty when it isnt.
    I cant believe you make the controller so hard to actually atart working,i've had the R1 for months now and it's been useless and I've not been able to use it once yet because it doesnt read usb 🙁

  13. Hi there, you can find all our tutorial video on our website (search "pioneerdj") or our Youtube channel. If you have any other technical questions you can find our forums by searching "pioneerdj forums". Hope this helps.

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